HotRod at last!

22 December, 2007

It’s been a very long time that I wanted to do an illustration of a badass American HotRod! I love these sexy monstrous looking vehicles! So apart from collecting thousands of Hotrod photos from the web I have not been too active on the actual design front.

A few days ago, I was browsing some hotrod pictures on webshots, when I surfed in a gallery of wallpapers featuring hotwheels toy models with a Christmas themed background! I thought that this is a wonderful idea for a Christmas-card! So the “Hotrod illustration” initiative woke up in me and I begun developing the idea of the Hotrod more seriously, as this would be the item that will be featured in the foreground of the card.

allconcepts_web.jpgThe actual development process proved to be a lot of fun as I wanted to create a rather futuristic Hotrod instead of a classic one, but with a serious doze of retro involved. After all hot rod craziness begun in the 50’s along with Rock’n’Roll, I definitely didn’t want to leave these elements out of the creation.

A few thumbnail 2-minute sketches helped me to establish a radical form for my vehicle, I didn’t want to go too far on the wild side with the design; I was looking for something fresh, futuristic yet maintaining that 50’s Rockabilly tradition. Read the rest of this entry »