Hummertime no more…

26 February, 2010

I’ve just read so, these are sad news but I guess times go from bad to worse and Hummer goes down that lane too, unfortunately.

GM has revealed that they will be closing their HUMMER brand after an attempt to sell the brand to the Chinese Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co. has failed.

I’ll ask you one thing: Can you ever imagine a Chinese Hummer??! Can you imagine a “MADE IN CHINA” tag on your brand new Hummer???!!
No I guess not!!!

My opinion is that closing HUMMER is for the best, selling it to the Chinese… well it just doesn’t sound or fit right. It’s like all those Daewoo shitty cars that got the Chevrolet badge (and fame?) overnight.. but for God’s sake they still look like Korean shitty vehicles!!!

For one the HUMMER, along with the Willys, the CJ-7 and several other traditional off roads are the epitomy of the Pure American off road vehicles. You simply cannot have a Hummer made in China, or a Wrangler Jeep made in Korea!

Sad news indeed, I’m not much of an SUV or Offroad fan myself, but Hummer took the cake for being ugly, monstrous, thus unique 😀
So long HumsHums

Source article: Yahoo news


Virtual Tuning Mania

15 August, 2009

One of the many trends that came along with the Fast & Furious movies and the Need For Speed Underground series of games is the “art” of tuning and modifying your car to look as stupid and ridiculous as possible!!!

By that I mean the addition of ‘shark fin’ like spoilers, ‘dragon’ like body-kits full of air vents and grille and the necessary addition of hundreds of stickers of performance (therefore expensive) part brands that your car will never have. A must ‘mod’ is the neon lights under the car! Look dad, my little Seat has been captured by UFOs! Look how it glows!

So it’s bloody typical: you can have a Honda Civic that values up to 3,000€ at the most and still have another 6,000€ worth of tuner stupidity mounted on it!! The car looks like it can rocket up to 60mph in less than 3 seconds whereas reality brings that figure up to something more than 8 seconds. And you tweak it, tune it, buy this spark plug and that exhaust pipe, tweak it some more and tune it some more till one day the poor bastard falls apart.

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Ford Escort mkII RS2000 toon

28 May, 2008

For quite some time now I wanted to do an illustration of a Ford Escort mkII RS2000. Now I’ve always said that the mkII Escort is one of my favorite cars of all time. It is also one of my future projects; to buy restore and race one.

So falling in to the car-toon obsession that I’m happily experiencing these days, I’ve decided to have a go at making a toon illustration of my fave car. So my number two toon is the Ford Escort mkII RS2000 (pictures above, on the left).

I have planned to make two flavours on that car, the first one that you now see is a modern drift version, whereas a classic Rally version is on the works. Inspiration for the drifting version comes from Colin McRae’s (RIP) mkII and the fabulous mkII owned and raced by Nikos Politis that I have photographed on a local Rally race two years ago (seen on the right).

The whole illustration lasted around 12 hours from sketch to finish and about 18-20 preliminary sketches were drawn in order to establish the best action “posture” for the car. “Inking” and coloring was fully done in Photoshop.

Long live the mkIIs!

Returning from it’s Vanishing Point

11 February, 2008

After 35 years and following all the modern retro styled trends, Dodge decides to awaken the legend once more and return her back from her Vanishing Point!

Don’t tell me that you haven’t watched “Vanishing Point”! Well if you haven’t seen this movie, shame on you and stop reading this post right now!! Vanishing Point is pure cult! The legendary 1971 movie is about a character named Kowalski and his bet to deliver a brand new car from Colorado to San Francisco in less than 15 hours! And that brand new car is the legendary 1970 Dodge Challenger 440 Magnum (which is not supercharged! 🙂 ). A truly classic American muscle car! A true legend!


The return of the iconic Dodge Challenger brings what pony car fanatics crave: ground shaking performance, unmistakable design cues reminiscent of the original Challenger, world-class ride and handling characteristics and benchmark braking. On top of that it features a wide variety of modern amenities and technology designed to delight a new generation of driving enthusiasts and the old muscle nutter fans alike! Read the rest of this entry »

Mercedes / Mc Laren P8

3 February, 2008

A new supercar design for Mercedes in cooperation with McLaren. This time they’re aiming to hit Ferrari’s 360 Modena and Ford’s GT. Still on the conceptual stage, it is unclear whether the Mercedes-Benz P8, two-passenger coupe will be produced, but there is word that the new Mercedes management has put it back on the drawing board. The car would be manufactured by partner McLaren, which makes the SLR. It would be powered by the new AMG-engineered, 510-hp, 6.3-liter V-8. It could appear as early as 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

Ford Mustang 2008 – Bullit edition

3 February, 2008

Inarguably there are only a few car fans in the world that haven’t heard about the 1968 film “Bullitt”, starring Steve McQueen. One of the things that Bullit remains noted for is a glorious car chase which lasts for quite a long time at the film’s end, between Bullitt’s 1968 Mustang GT 390 Fastback (painted Dark Highland Green) and the rival’s black Dodge Charger.

Exactly 40 years later, Ford decides to awaken the legend by putting the Bullitt logo and releasing a special edition (another one that is) of their new Mustang in fully Monty under it’s hood featuring a 4.6-liter, 3-valve V-8 which delivers 315 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 325 pound-feet of torque at 4,250 rpm! Now, the 2005 Ford Mustang is a design that needs no introduction; it’s clearly Retro at it’s best! it really revives the concept Mustang and in my opinion the 2005 model is the best and most vibrantly exciting Mustang design since the classic models. Read the rest of this entry »