Turning to mac

28 July, 2010

Y’know there many reasons as to why I prefer Macs and their OS from Windows. It is not only because simply macs look beautiful, of course they do, but MacOS is far more stable and quicker than that ol’bucket-of-crap called  Windows. MacOS doesn’t need patch after patch to be safe and work right, MacOS rarely crashes etc etc, you all know them reasons.

There was only one reason that kept me from buying a Mac all those years and that is it’s price! And since I’m spending about 3/5ths of my average day in front of a screen doing graphics and 3D (and yes playing games when not on work!) I demand a high end machine, which in Apple terms that means more expensive than they are. Read the rest of this entry »


Ressurection by stupidity!

1 April, 2008

Silly me!

Although being involved with the “things with loads of keys on” (aka computers) since 1984, sometimes I’m still driven by pure stupidity! Here’s what happened yesterday; read, laugh and learn!

I woke up Sunday morning, so naturally (of course) the first thing is to go make myself a nice cup of coffee and turn on my pc. So I did! But… the damn thing wouldn’t boot! Hell! It wouldn’t even show the bios-set image of the motherboard!!!.. Read the rest of this entry »

Powering Up for Photoshop!

27 December, 2007

If you’re, like me, spending endless hours on Photoshop, drawing or just editing/retouching photos, or just doing collages, you’ll probably want more out of your machine. Chances are that you already know most if not some of the tips I’ll give you below. By the way these tips are for PC users only.

Again, these are intended for the serious artist or the professional that demands more out of the application and works with large format artwork for print. If you’re editing small images for everyday or web use, you’ll definitely not need all this gear, as your everyday pc does the job beautifully.

First of all I would strongly recommend a dedicated system for running Photoshop and other graphics/DTP applications like Illustrator, Corel Draw, Quark Express etc. The reason for that being that Photoshop draws a hell of a lot system resources upon running, so for instance if you’re having a mail client, a download client or a web browser also running at the same time, they also drain system resources and therefore hold back valuable resources that would have been allocated to Photoshop otherwise. Read the rest of this entry »

RAM efficiency for Photoshop

24 December, 2007

Very often I’m working with large sized files that have a lot of layers and consume most of my pc’s RAM. It is also very common for some filters and plugins not to work due to lack of memory.

Here are a couple of tricks to do when this happens:
1. If you’re sure that you’re ok with your work and don’t need your history levels anymore, go to: Edit > Purge > All

If the filter still refuses to work, save your image, exit and restart Photoshop, load up your image again and try the filter now.

If you see no luck again, then you’ll definitely need more memory with that file, which only means bad news if you’ve already reached the 2GB limit of RAM on 32bit XP based machines đŸ˜¦

Another tip I can give you on saving RAM for your work is to avoid using the copy / paste command (Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V).
Data stored to the clipboard consume RAM space.
Instead use the Alt+Drag combination: with the Move Tool (V) press alt and drag your selection to create a copy of it.
Also to copy whole layers use the duplicate layer command (Ctrl+J) – or right click on the layer in the layers palette and select Duplicate Layer.

Click here to read a post where I cover more aspects on how to make your machine more efficient for Photoshop use.