Hummertime no more…

26 February, 2010

I’ve just read so, these are sad news but I guess times go from bad to worse and Hummer goes down that lane too, unfortunately.

GM has revealed that they will be closing their HUMMER brand after an attempt to sell the brand to the Chinese Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co. has failed.

I’ll ask you one thing: Can you ever imagine a Chinese Hummer??! Can you imagine a “MADE IN CHINA” tag on your brand new Hummer???!!
No I guess not!!!

My opinion is that closing HUMMER is for the best, selling it to the Chinese… well it just doesn’t sound or fit right. It’s like all those Daewoo shitty cars that got the Chevrolet badge (and fame?) overnight.. but for God’s sake they still look like Korean shitty vehicles!!!

For one the HUMMER, along with the Willys, the CJ-7 and several other traditional off roads are the epitomy of the Pure American off road vehicles. You simply cannot have a Hummer made in China, or a Wrangler Jeep made in Korea!

Sad news indeed, I’m not much of an SUV or Offroad fan myself, but Hummer took the cake for being ugly, monstrous, thus unique 😀
So long HumsHums

Source article: Yahoo news


Mercedes / Mc Laren P8

3 February, 2008

A new supercar design for Mercedes in cooperation with McLaren. This time they’re aiming to hit Ferrari’s 360 Modena and Ford’s GT. Still on the conceptual stage, it is unclear whether the Mercedes-Benz P8, two-passenger coupe will be produced, but there is word that the new Mercedes management has put it back on the drawing board. The car would be manufactured by partner McLaren, which makes the SLR. It would be powered by the new AMG-engineered, 510-hp, 6.3-liter V-8. It could appear as early as 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

Mercedes SLR: a prawn and garnish sandwich??

3 February, 2008

Well, according to Top Gear, yes the Mercedes SLR IS a prawn and garnish sandwich!

See why:

Truly one of the most exquisite designs ever built! And uhhhhh that glorious V8 sound!…

Yours for only 600,000 euros 😦

Aquadelic GT: Wet Dreams

19 January, 2008

Speedboats is an ‘on and off’ interest of mine; I do not think about them all the time like I do about cars:) but whenever I see a photo or a video of a speedboat I get really excited by those long blade-like shaped boats and the humongous splashes of water behind them. It’s pure speed combined with technicality, all being wrapped up in fabulous glossy excitement!

The colors, the aggressive boat shapes, the monstrous engines roar, the taming of the unpredictable water surface, the speed, it’s all pure stimulation for the mind and soul.

Although Aquadelic GT is a brand new release (Jan. 2008), my relation with it dates back one and a half year, when Aquadelic GT was known simply as Aquadelic and was available as a free demo of a “maybe” forthcoming release! The moment I saw the first screenshots of Aquadelic, I knew I really wanted this one, even if it was crap in terms of gameplay. The graphics of the game seemed to be way too good!

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