The 3rd time in the Zone

2 August, 2010

If you’re an avid fps game fan, you’re bound to know the series of games called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developed by the Ukrainian team GSC Game World, beginning in 2007 with the truly epic Shadow of Chernobyl, continues in 2008 with Clear Sky and hit our screens for the 3rd time last February (2010) with Call of Pripyat.

The series is based loosely on the film Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky and the same titled novel of the Strugatsky brothers. The main story behind the STALKER series, in very short, is that after the disaster in Chernobyl in 1986 the Soviet Union continues experiments in secret labs located in the now deserted area around Chernobyl. A second explosion in 2006, creates the Zone, an area of  30km in radius, unique for it is host to extreme anomalous activity in nature and mutant Read the rest of this entry »


Turning to mac

28 July, 2010

Y’know there many reasons as to why I prefer Macs and their OS from Windows. It is not only because simply macs look beautiful, of course they do, but MacOS is far more stable and quicker than that ol’bucket-of-crap called  Windows. MacOS doesn’t need patch after patch to be safe and work right, MacOS rarely crashes etc etc, you all know them reasons.

There was only one reason that kept me from buying a Mac all those years and that is it’s price! And since I’m spending about 3/5ths of my average day in front of a screen doing graphics and 3D (and yes playing games when not on work!) I demand a high end machine, which in Apple terms that means more expensive than they are. Read the rest of this entry »

Ressurection by stupidity!

1 April, 2008

Silly me!

Although being involved with the “things with loads of keys on” (aka computers) since 1984, sometimes I’m still driven by pure stupidity! Here’s what happened yesterday; read, laugh and learn!

I woke up Sunday morning, so naturally (of course) the first thing is to go make myself a nice cup of coffee and turn on my pc. So I did! But… the damn thing wouldn’t boot! Hell! It wouldn’t even show the bios-set image of the motherboard!!!.. Read the rest of this entry »

The Mac-Pro fetish

18 February, 2008

Having and using an Apple Mac computer is one of the top objects of desire on my wish-list. I simply love the feeling, the stability, the looks of the interface and their sleek design. Compared to a pc, a Mac is light years ahead! It’s not the i-pod, i-tunes connectivity and all the gimmicks that go with it, it’s the fact that a Mac is a reliable machine and a real pleasure to work with, pure QUALITY, period! And for the amount of time I’m spending in front of a computer screen, I demand that quality.

Fairly recently Apple has released a new model in their Pro series. And that machine is a real monster! On the outside, the design haven’t changed much, but inside things just got hotter. First of all the powerplant of this workstation is 8 powerplants really! Using 2 X Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors up to 3.2GHz you can vaguely begin to imagine the capabilities of this machine! Larger powerplant means that you also need a larger storeroom to support the production volume 🙂 So the new MacPro can have RAM up to a whopping 32GB!!! It comes with only 2GB as a retail standard, but don’t tell me you’re not intrigued with such capacity to order a machine with more RAM! Read the rest of this entry »

Amiga MODS: back to the old school beat

8 January, 2008

I’ve always loved the ability of the AMIGA to produce great music with minimal (back then) effort. Does the names OCTAMED or PROTRACKER sound familiar to you?

OCTAMED and PROTRACKER were editors/ track sequencers (4 tracks with 15 instruments / samples in total) with which you could layout your song into tracks that could be arranged in any sequence you desired from a master list. So basically what you did is to edit every track according to your talents and then arrange these tracks on the master list to play one after the other in any order you set it up. Each track would contain samples that would be played on the timing you set it up. It was gorgeous and I’ve spent many allnighters writing music with it. The best part of it was that it didn’t even require any additional hardware such as a piano keyboard to prove your musical talents 🙂 I loved OCTAMED purely for it’s interface style but many people preferred PROTRACKER instead.

It was very popular back then and even the very first rave bands begun their career on MOD writing. (.mod was the extension of the sequencer file – the mod contained the tracks, the master list and the samples you’ve used for your track – which also determined the .mod file size) In fact some of the very first rave demos were actually recorded .mod files on tape! Not to mention the game industry which used the format almost exclusively

Anyways just to remember the good old days, I’ve found this page which has some Amiga, Atari ST and ZX Spectrum (!!!!) written mods for free download (on mp3 format). I might add more pages whenever I find some 🙂

Enjoy a bit of nostalgia 🙂

More mod stuff >>>

… more to come …