Definition of the term “Vexel”

10 February, 2008

A lot of new people in illustration often ask what is “Vexel Art”.

The short answer for it is that it’s mixed discipline artwork; you can combine vector based artwork (paths, shapes, vector lines and polylines) with normal raster artwork (brushes etc). Whenever you combine these two elements, the derivative is called Vexel Art. Most of the time my artwork is vexel art, since I can get the best out the two (vector art and raster art) when combined. And as you can easily understand, vexel artwork can be achieved only with a computer :), it can include some traditional media elements in it, but the end result will be done on your digital friend 🙂

Usually vexel ‘products’ are clean-cut illustrations, since you have all the line control of vectors and the color gradient freedom from raster! Comics in colour are usually vexel artwork, as well as the majority of conceptual automotive or industrial design renderings.

An interesting and more in-depth description of Vexel art can be found here, written by the superb vexel (automotive) artist dangerruss.