Making reference material useful

29 June, 2008

How many times don’t you find your self keeping all over the place photos, advertisements, paper clippings and such things, with the excuse that they could be reference materials on future projects?

I know I do and this only helps me to cram my desk with piles of paper bits that never ever get used in the end.

The same applies when saving photos and images from the web on your computer. First you can never find them when you really need them and second, you never remember that you have them!

Lately I found this article with some helpful tips: Read the rest of this entry »


My first website :)

23 June, 2008

Today is officially the launch of the first website I ever made for commercial purposes. Still very basic in design, the site doesn’t do much except from presenting the digital printing shop I’m working for, but it is a huge step forward from what I’ve created so far, which was fairly basic.

The graphics were all done and sliced in Photoshop and while I’ve attempted to keep the Photoshop exported html, Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been… framed!!!

10 April, 2008

Sweet! I’ve learned new things on tonite’s web design class: Frames!

Ok I’m lying here, I knew already about frames but, yeah I was missing a couple of tiny details, like when clicking on a menu button, on which frame the new page will load…

I definitely gotta try and do some “frames-pages” examples this weekend.

I also got to fix my home LAN sometime! 🙂

Diving in the depths of web design

26 March, 2008

One of the many things that I want to do in my life is to be able to design those nice websites that we all see from time to time and say: Wow! That’s an awesome web!

And I know that I’m only half-way there since I got the artistry going right, what I lack of, is knowledge of the mechanisms that make these things work. I can design nice website templates on Photoshop, slice them up, make buttons etc, but when coming to putting them all together to make the nice web it is supposed to be, KA-BOOM… the end complete. Read the rest of this entry »