Guess who’s back!

3 August, 2010

The first “Driver” was one of my most fave games of all time, Driver comes again screaming down the streets for the 5th time.

As it appears it’s all about exciting driving! Hell! they even brought back the wonderful car-chase action handling of the original Driver, over 100 models to drive, plus a magnificent in-car view. Judging from the video it looks like an all car driving game and it was about time that they stopped developing GTA clones in the Driver franchise!

Comes out early in 2011, so have an extra can of petrol handy for that V8! Don’t say I haven’t warned ya cowboy!


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. realistic

2 August, 2010

Although it is in Russian it is fabulous to watch

And now watch this, just because good video games are inspired from disasters, that doesn’t mean catastrophes are fun!

The 3rd time in the Zone

2 August, 2010

If you’re an avid fps game fan, you’re bound to know the series of games called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developed by the Ukrainian team GSC Game World, beginning in 2007 with the truly epic Shadow of Chernobyl, continues in 2008 with Clear Sky and hit our screens for the 3rd time last February (2010) with Call of Pripyat.

The series is based loosely on the film Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky and the same titled novel of the Strugatsky brothers. The main story behind the STALKER series, in very short, is that after the disaster in Chernobyl in 1986 the Soviet Union continues experiments in secret labs located in the now deserted area around Chernobyl. A second explosion in 2006, creates the Zone, an area of  30km in radius, unique for it is host to extreme anomalous activity in nature and mutant Read the rest of this entry »

Blazkowicz is back!

15 August, 2009

assets/thegame/elite_guard_lrg.pngGreat news today! I found out that Raven Software along with the legendary id guys are about to launch Wolfenstein, the 5th major title (excluding all expansions and special editions) in the epic series for the pc!

The aspect that appealed to me most in Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the wicked -almost– unreal story-line and it’s atmosphere. Don’t forget that RTCW was released way back in 2001 and being powered by id software’s Quake III arena engine worked miracles for it, at least that’s what we were saying back then.

Epic video game! One of my most favorite 1st person shooters of all time! Mixing a tremendous atmosphere with an eerie story-line that involves Nazi warfare, the occult and bioengineered monsters, it captivated my interest for a long time! Oh and how could I forget the elite -full leather clad– commando babes ?

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Death Track – Ressurection

31 January, 2008

Does anyone remember DeathTrack
, an ancient (1989) DOS game by Dynamix Inc.? Well, I do! In fact I loved DeathTrack! It was really brutal (back then) and fun to play with. The story couldn’t be more simpler: buy a sports car, beef it up with armor and cannons, guns, missiles and other firepower goodies, enter the races and eliminate your opponents and while you’re at it try to complete some laps just as an excuse to say that you’ve raced! Amazing game! I still remember those all-nighters in front of my Amstrad 1512pc playing it with 4 glorious colours! It was either that or Rogue (Epyx, 1983) that pulled off the night. Deathtrack did not have an ending, and the vehicle selection was really limited, but it brought the racing/fighting concept to light and it played extremely well! And as far as I’m concerned it is one of my most favourite games of all time!

Luck has it that I’ve surfed in 1C’s website tonight. 1C company is a well known Russian game publisher with some very good releases under their belts. So as I was looking on some info about UAZ 4X4 Racing, my eyes stopped when I saw this title in the forthcoming section: Death Track Ressurection! Read the rest of this entry »

Aquadelic GT: Wet Dreams

19 January, 2008

Speedboats is an ‘on and off’ interest of mine; I do not think about them all the time like I do about cars:) but whenever I see a photo or a video of a speedboat I get really excited by those long blade-like shaped boats and the humongous splashes of water behind them. It’s pure speed combined with technicality, all being wrapped up in fabulous glossy excitement!

The colors, the aggressive boat shapes, the monstrous engines roar, the taming of the unpredictable water surface, the speed, it’s all pure stimulation for the mind and soul.

Although Aquadelic GT is a brand new release (Jan. 2008), my relation with it dates back one and a half year, when Aquadelic GT was known simply as Aquadelic and was available as a free demo of a “maybe” forthcoming release! The moment I saw the first screenshots of Aquadelic, I knew I really wanted this one, even if it was crap in terms of gameplay. The graphics of the game seemed to be way too good!

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Truckers Of The Apocalypse

28 December, 2007

Hard Truck Apocalypse is one of the latest releases in the long Hard Truck Series. You might know the games in the franchise as Hard Truck – 18 Wheels Of Steel, or Hard Truck Haulin’. Their basic concept was to simulate the trucking/hauling business by giving more attention to the actual driving than the actual financial and bureaucratic elements involved in the real profession. The player was beginning the game with a beaten up rig and the aim was to build up reputation and eventually buy more trucks, hire drivers etc in making a large transport company. There was no ending in the game unless you had lost all your money and your only truck was terribly damaged, something that made you loose interest in the game after a while, cause all you could do was to transport goods from one city to another and gain more profit and that was it. No storyline, no real substance, nothing to keep you going for long. Product life cycle equalled to one week on your hard drive then back to the box and of to the self to catch dust . In that vein several titles came out: Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel, Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel Across America, Hard Truck – Pedal To The Metal and finally the recent (and pinnacle title, in my opinion) Haulin’.

Hard Truck Apocalypse is something completely different and new to the Hard Truck series. For one, it does not play the same, nor does it feel the same as the rest of the games in the series. Best of all, H.T. Apocalypse finally has a storyline to follow! And this storyline comes in 2 varieties according to how you start off the game. It also has a huge map for you to explore! Read the rest of this entry »