K.I.T.T. comes back in a Ford Mustang body!

28 May, 2008

It’s probably no news to many of you but I’ve just found out about the remake, or should I say- brand new episodes of Knight Rider. I was very glad to see that the new version of K.I.T.T. will be a mighty Shelby Mustang GT500 KR! Wooeeeyyy!

There’s a lot of debate going around as to which model is the perfect candidate for the role of KITT, I even seen somewhere the Mercedes McLaren SLR being proposed, but I reckon that choosing the ‘stang, was a good choice. First of all the car should be an American icon, as the first KITT was. But TransAm is not in production anymore, the new Dodge Challenger is not yet in the streets, the new Camaro won’t see production until 2009, Read the rest of this entry »


Clint’s shooting gallery weekend

17 February, 2008

With such a snowstorm outside and a rough cold I wasn’t up to do many things this weekend. Not to mention that the fever from my cold wouldn’t allow me to concentrate on doing any work, or anything else. So I decided to take it easy and relax 🙂

Having a good DVD collection (which most of the movies I haven’t found the time to watch yet) I dug up some discs with good ol’ Clint Eastwood movies. I wasn’t in the mood for anything else. Clint is one of my favorite actors, I like two things about him: He doesn’t talk too much, he gets easily pissed off and when he does I love that famous pissed off grin he does! He usually plays characters that they have a shitty life and disregard any rules or authority, just to do their business right. His movies are really nice to watch, cause they are simple and easy going on the plot, yet not totally stupid “Rambo styled”.

So I’ve watched Dirty Harry II -Magnum Force, Hearbreak Ridge, Firefox, Space Cowboys and The Rookie. Read the rest of this entry »