Beadle’s About no more :(

29 March, 2008

beadle.jpg man! I just found out that Jeremy Beadle has died last January, on the 30th, at the age of 59, suffering from pneumonia.

This is sad news indeed, as I really enjoyed his practical jokes tv shows while I was living in the U.K. during 1990-96 for my uni studies.

Beadle’s About!” was a top preference on my tv watch-list back then. And I really sympathized Jeremy, Read the rest of this entry »


Design is…

26 March, 2008

I saw this somewhere but, I really can’t remember where…

Anyways it said: “Design is… dead! Just do what they tell you.

Fabulous! And so true! 1000000% correct! Every boss feels like being a designer!

I’m going to make a t-shirt with this on!

There were more sayings about design like this one, but this one was the most pragmatic of them all!

Think out of the box

26 March, 2008

Now that’s a phrase that one of my x-employers used to say occasionally: “Think out of the box!” – another one was “You’re fired!!!” πŸ˜€

I was reading an interview with Brian Pulido (he’s the president of Chaos! Comics – see: Lady Death) and I particularly noted his answer on a single question.

I quote:

Q: Most aspiring comic book artists only think about drawing, but in this new, entrepreneurial, high-tech world, what else should they consider?

Brian PULIDO: We should all be thinking out of the box. That’s where the path of most success lies. What else to consider? Business training. Financial training. Marketing training. Sales training. You can’t get there without a little marketing. Make that a lot of marketing.”

It couldn’t be said in any better way really. If you want to make it, anywhere, whatever your field of expertise is, start smart-bullshitting about how good you are, in whatever you are doing. People love meals that are served with cosy cutlery and lots of a ‘witty’ sauce with juicy garnishes! And the are always prepared to pay higher prices for them.

(quotation came from Christopher Hart’s “Drawing Cutting Edge Comics” -excellent!- book by Watson Guptill Publications, New York, 2001)

A pack of Luckies

25 March, 2008

25_mar_2008_momspresent.jpgToday was my name-day. Usually when you have your name day, which by the way is a religious thing; a specific saint is celebrated that day and all the people with names same as the celebrated saint’s, have their name-day (at least that’s how it works in orthodox christianity), so people that celebrate get presents from friends and relatives sometimes, along with the usual wishful blah blah.

All I got today was a pack of Luckies from my mom! lol! The tag under the logo says in Greek “Smoking is harmful for you and the people around you!” but it probably would seem the same to you, even if it was the recipe for cooking mousaka! It’s all Greek in the end πŸ™‚

Anyways I’m not used in my mother buying me cigarettes, since I’m Read the rest of this entry »

Got problems with your girl?

20 February, 2008

So does he:

no further comments πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Snow in Athens

17 February, 2008

Well chaps! It has happened again! It is snowing! Pouring white cool flakes in the middle of the dirty old crappy city!

I love snow! Basically when snowing one can’t do much, the roads get really slippery and very dodgy to drive (unless you own a bulldozer that is!) so all you can do is stay in and enjoy the view outside!

Last time that we had such a heavy snowfall in Athens was in 2002, then again we had some snow last year (or was it the year before that?) but not so much; it is snowing since yesterday (Saturday) and it has stopped later on today’s afternoon, correct according to the national forecast.

Still, I think I won’t be able to make it to work tomorrow πŸ™‚

UPDATE: It is now 03:30, Monday morning and it is snowing again! (and if you’re wondering what I’m doing up so late in the night then read this)

Wooohoooo! As Sinatra sung once: “Let it snow, let it snow let it snow!

Don’t give me that valentine crap!!!…

15 February, 2008

I always have been wondering what is the use of a special Love day in our calendar.

Love (in it’s romantic version) is not a switch on/switch off feeling, it happens during some elongated periods of time. So what my point really is that you can show love and respect to your partner everyday, any day of the year, not just on the 14th of February.

In my book, the 14th of February is another marketing invention (one of the most ancient ones). Invented by florists, the chocolate /candy industry, restaurant owners and the whole entertainment industry. You show your love by taking your partner to a cosy restaurant, or buying them, cards, chocolates, flowers or whatever, the business owners get rich, simple as that. And with the aid of the mass media they create such an obsession on us that we MUST make a present (that’s the whole point of that day) to our partner.

Have you ever thought why Valentine’s day is on February and not on say, May for instance, or any other Spring month (as Spring is considered as a fertility/romantic season). February is generally a flat month in sales, it is just a little after Christmas, so V-Day gives a little boost in sales and therefore income till Spring, where people go out more and shop more πŸ™‚