Artwork Gallery

Here is some of the artwork that I have on public display. Each thumbnail will link you to my gallery where I store most of my artwork.

Note that most pieces are for sale, so if you’re interested in buying a digital full size print you can always contact me.


And yet another car-toon: the 2006 Mini Cooper S, entitled British Bulldog πŸ™‚ (for sale)

The Nissan 350Z toon! I love the fairladies πŸ™‚ (for sale)

Letters from the South Seas, done in 1994 just before the e-mail era, for a friend that wanted to be a sailor. (not for sale)

A red Ford Escort mkII RS2000 toon! My fave rally car of all time! (for sale)

Yellow traffic light done entirely in vector format (for sale)

Gallardo Toon Collaboration (for sale), the original lineart base was done by the exceptionally talented Brian “R0tti” Knowlton

Please visit Brian’s deviantart gallery here for more of his excellent artworks! And also watch out for more of our collaboration car-toon artworks!

Fidakis – Snakey (T-Shirt design commission for a local pharmacy shop – SOLD!)

Dulueeth Blueprint (concept lineart – not for sale)

Bubbles (for sale)

Bubbles – Lineart (for sale)

Girl On The Door (Sold commission – “Art, Idea & Print” T-shirt shop, Athens, Greece)

I hate Mondays (for sale)

Astroceptor v:0.5 (work in progress– not for sale)

Divine December (for sale)

Concept HotRod (for sale)

Cruise me: Vicky’s Ballad (not for sale)

’73 Firebird Trans Am (for sale)

Viper mkIII (not for sale)

Retrochrome (for sale)

Concept Oceanis (for sale)

Lil’ Green Vette (not for sale – work in progress)

Eros: Ford Escort mkII (photography – for sale)

Old School : Railshot Remix (not for sale)

Old School Revised (not for sale)

Old School (not for sale)

Lotus Elise Wallpaper (collage – not for sale)

Time to burn (not for sale)

Mary Mary Chill Out (not for sale)

Civilisation ’25 (for sale)

Autocratic Destiny (for sale)

Awakening, concept sketch (not for sale)

Guard of Charion (SOLD! – 7″ single cover)

Death Metal CD cover (for sale)

Death Metal CD Layout (for sale)

Warcross v1 (SOLD!)

Warcross v2 (SOLD to the death metal band OBSECRATION !)

Demoness Reconception (for sale)

Pattern to Land (for sale)

Sunset Flyer (for sale)

Nailgun Graphics Logo + Symbol (not for sale)






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