Turning to mac

Y’know there many reasons as to why I prefer Macs and their OS from Windows. It is not only because simply macs look beautiful, of course they do, but MacOS is far more stable and quicker than that ol’bucket-of-crap called  Windows. MacOS doesn’t need patch after patch to be safe and work right, MacOS rarely crashes etc etc, you all know them reasons.

There was only one reason that kept me from buying a Mac all those years and that is it’s price! And since I’m spending about 3/5ths of my average day in front of a screen doing graphics and 3D (and yes playing games when not on work!) I demand a high end machine, which in Apple terms that means more expensive than they are.

So the time has come and I’ve just ordered my first Mac! It’s an iMac with a i7 core CPU (quad core) 8GBs of RAM (this is especially for you, my always RAM-hungry Photoshop) and a 27″ screen! I’ve made the order two days ago and still waiting for the machine to arrive. Can’t wait for it! At such a beefed up spec I could go for a Mac-Pro, trouble is that the Pro’s retail price sky rockets and still you gotta pay another grand and a half (at least) for a decent Cinema Display! So the iMac will do nicely for the next 2-3 years, at least.

One thing that most people in apple-specialized fora say is that once you’re in MacOs you gotta forget anything you know about Windows… which is hard! I mean how could I forget those crashes and the super lagging just because the crappy winXp retrieved data from the HD all the time… Damn! I feel like a noob again, but to be honest I can’t wait to see how smooth Photoshop runs on the iMac!


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