Incinerator, Old School Thrash!


I’ve just realized that I haven’t posted anything about my thrash metal project called INCINERATOR. It’s an ongoing old school thrash metal thingy (aka project) that I’m having since 2000.

Influences are purely from the stuff I’ve grew up with: D.R.I., very early Metallica, early Slayer, early Sepultura, Kreator, Destruction, Demolition Hammer, Heathen, Atrophy, Sodom, Exhorder, Sacred Reich,  Believer, Motorhead, Protector, early Anthrax, Messiah, Tankard, Sabbat… good old school Thrash in short!

The lyrics deal with all the cliche issues a thrash band can have, after all INCINERATOR was never meant to be a pioneering band, so the issues dealt with are basically your average Evil, your average Satan, Girls, Fast Cars, Life & Social issues, fuck politics, fuck the authorities, kill & Destroy, wear leathers and at least a belt of empty weapon cartridges, hold a beer on your hand and be a total bad-ass… you know the drill!

Not that I have released anything under INCINERATOR, but y’know I’m still hoping that one day I’ll find the time to write and record properly some tracks for a debut demo. Actually the coolest thing I’ve done for INCINERATOR is to design a killer logo for it, as you can see above. I can’t really say when the demo is coming out, so no promises on that.

However you can listen to some rough stuff I’ve been doing for INCINERATOR since the year 2k, by clicking on the players below. And tell me what you think of it.

Demons Hate is the first song I’ve ever written and recorded for INCINERATOR, also it is the most complete one, but honestly my vocals really suck on this one, so changes are definite on this one.

Kali Chronia means ‘Have a good year’ in Greek. A title of irony to this anecdotal song as it was recorded on New Year’s Eve in 2001 — When everyone was out and boozing I was puking out thrash fire and brimstone! How cool! 😛

Press Escape is An older WIP track that I haven’t finished working on it, but it’s quite cool so far. And yeah it has something to do with the Escape key on your keyboard, but only as a metaphor, it’s not a computer geek song 😀

Finally I live, You Die is the most recent (hmmm 2007 that is) WIP track for INCINERATOR and is about the most favorite choice of role people adapt in life in order to survive: Backstabbing.

You can also check out the official (!!!) INCINERATOR page on Myspace if you haven’t got anything better to do with your lives 😀

Thanks for listening


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