Blazkowicz is back!

assets/thegame/elite_guard_lrg.pngGreat news today! I found out that Raven Software along with the legendary id guys are about to launch Wolfenstein, the 5th major title (excluding all expansions and special editions) in the epic series for the pc!

The aspect that appealed to me most in Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the wicked -almost– unreal story-line and it’s atmosphere. Don’t forget that RTCW was released way back in 2001 and being powered by id software’s Quake III arena engine worked miracles for it, at least that’s what we were saying back then.

Epic video game! One of my most favorite 1st person shooters of all time! Mixing a tremendous atmosphere with an eerie story-line that involves Nazi warfare, the occult and bioengineered monsters, it captivated my interest for a long time! Oh and how could I forget the elite -full leather clad– commando babes ?

So with all the technological advances in the graphics field (and the scarcity of truly original scenarios) it’s time for Wolfenstein to ressurect once again! And why not I might add?

I’ve completed the Wolf_front_swhole game 6–7 times since  2001 and to be honest the latter times it had mildly, although noticeably, lacked it’s original luster, mainly due to the outdated graphics… but still those German monstrous installations and the Ubersoldiers that looked as if they jumped straight out of a comic book had still a certain appeal to me. And I think it is far better to see them again in a nice modern polish, even if it’s the very same story-line altogether! Graphics-wise the video trailer looks astounding. The game-play? Promising.

So get that rust out of your trusty mp-40 out, oil it’s mechanisms and load some extra clips, cause in 3 days from now B.J. Blazkowicz is once again set to encounter all the Nazi weirdness!

Official release date: Aug 18, 2009

Official game link:



  • Castle Wolfenstein – the first game in the series, got released in 1981!
  • Beyond Castle Wolfenstein – 1984
  • Spear Of Destiny (or) Wolfenstein 3D – 1992
  • Return To Castle Wolfenstein – 2001, RTCW was banned in Germany


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