Did you know that?

Yeap it’s officialy quiz night here at Vagpod. No, wait! don’t get your drinks yet! Actually yesterday evening I was reading a book about graphic design and I came across some interesting historical facts which I’ll share with you. Now go and get the booze


  • The term Graphic Design was introduced in the USA by Dwight Wiggins in 1927.
  • The famous London Tube map, (more or less) as we see it today, was designed by Frank Beck around 1908.
  • Guttenburg created the first printing press by adapting a wine press in 1440-1450.
  • The typewriter was invented in 1865.
  • ‘Cosmopolitan’ launched in the US as a fiction magazine in 1886.
  • Also ‘Vogue’ was launched as a fashion society magazine in 1892.
  • Following these two, consumer magazines become widely available and popular in 1900.
  • Full color printing for mass production of magazines becomes available during the 1950’s.

And now some facts for us graphics + tech freaks:

  • The PANTONE colour system got introduced in 1962.
  • The Mac Aries (anyone remembers that one??) launches in 1984
  • Of course Sir Clive Sinclair had launched the ALLMIGHTY ZX Spectrum 48K in 1982 (aahhh! those were the days!)
  • The Postscript Page Description Language was launched in 1982
  • Adobe releases Pagemaker 1 in 1985 (and I’m very happy that I was in school at the time and never had the chance to work with it).
  • Photoshop 1.0 was programmed by Thomas Knoll and got released in 1990 for Macs only by Adobe. Photoshop 2.0 gets ported to the Windows platform in 1992.
  • Illustrator 1.0 hit the shops for the first time in January 1987, also released by Adobe.
  • The first edition of Quark Xpress came out in 1987.
  • And my beloved Corel Draw begins it’s life in 1989.
  • Television gets introduced to the public and the first ad transmitted in 1930.
  • The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners Lee in -check this out!- 1960!!!
  • It was created twenty years later though, in 1980.
  • E-mail gets introduced much later, in 1994-5 (I remember having my first email account in 1997 with Hotmail)
  • The first consumer mobile phone (1G) was available for the public in 1980
  • The 2G mobile network was launched in 1990
  • 3G becomes available in 2000 (so 4G will be available in 2010??)
  • Google begins in 2002 (somehow I remember it as a search engine earlier than 2002…)
  • Youtube, Facebook, Bebo all begin in 2003.

So know you know and you can easily be a smartass to your friends with your newly acquired knowledge 🙂


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