The return of the Scirocco?? NOT!

Okay just to set things right:

This is a true SCIROCCO! (the mkII model of the series)

and this is NOT a Scirocco:

Unfortunately Volkswagen has named their new hatch as Scirocco 😦 But does it have any relation to the one and only and true Scirocco? I guess not!

For one the “Rocco” was a coupe, not a hatchback. And for it’s time it was one of the very few coupes that were available and actually affordable. It had a distinctive design, much differentiating it from the rest. These two aspects gave the car real character and a place in the automobile history.

As for the new one: for starters it’s a hatchback / multiform-space vehicle, not a coupe. And as for distinctiveness, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s design is very similar to the new Opel Astra, the new Audi A3, the new Fiat Punto & Bravo and also there are similarities to the Peugeot 207 and to some Renault models which I cannot pinpoint at the moment.

Personally I agree to this quote that I’ve read in a car forum recently: “the new Scirocco seems like an abandoned Golf design that came out more dynamic looking than the ordinary lines of the Golf”.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Scirocco has officially died. This is the latest hatchback from VW.

Maybe the next thing we’ll see from Vw is the new Corrado in the form of an SUV 😀

Just for the story, I owned (very happily) a 1986 Scirocco GT in the period 1994-1996. I bought the car 3rd hand, in good condition and traveled with it almost all over Europe twice. The car was a true beauty to drive, although a bit heavy for it’s 1.6 90HP (if I remember correctly) engine. When I brought the car to Greece from the UK it was turning heads on the street 🙂





2 Responses to The return of the Scirocco?? NOT!

  1. DrGaz says:

    Agreed. That new “Scirocco” is a load of old cobblers, mate. Why do have to do this sort of thing?

  2. vagpod says:

    It’s probably a strict marketing/market research dictated only design. But it’s totally pointless. Why do we need another stupid hatch that looks almost the same like a ton of others?

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