7 Responses to A Ducati for your pocket

  1. All motorcycle enthusiasts know of Ducati, scenes look at the people wh… Logo Design Firm

  2. vagpod says:

    Of course all motorcycle enthusiasts know of Ducati! Like all graphic designers know wacom tablets! Both are state-of-the-art performance tools in their own field!

    The thing is though that you get to pay for that product way too high from it’s real value, just because it has the Ducati logo on! I guess Sandisk’s and Ducati’s marketing myth creators are doing a fine job with this one, because let’s face it, it is just a myth. An overpriced object of desire that will be used to show off the financial state of it’s owner.

  3. Lee says:

    nice blog!
    link exchange?

  4. vagpod says:

    yeah why not? 🙂 I’ve added you up in the Links section

  5. DrGaz says:

    I believe that in the industry this phenomenon is known as “brand extension” where marketing geniuses at companies like Ducati license their brand to someone who pays them a fat wodge of cash for the privilige of slapping their logo on completely unrelated random merchadise that would otherwise be ordinary and reasonably prices.

    A particularly laughable example of this sort of thing can be found here:

  6. Joe says:

    1. These products are not unrelated.

    2. When kids that are still in High School that Troll the internet to be first to comment, or Adult individuals who have nothing better to do than to comment on an industry that they no nothing about; they are pathetic. So to my understanding, it is understood that society has taken a decline. You people that comment are PATHETIC!

    These products are used as promotional tools and tour paraphernalia, and even FREELY by the individuals that work in the pit area for Ducati. IF YOU WATCH a race you might know that! Understand yet?!?

    The companies themselves have a contract with them to use their products FOR tuning their products. SO if your a Ducati fanboy, and/or you own a motorcycle company that constantly uses a mobile USB to flash the ECU on Motorcycles all day in the pit and at work for testing and use that size which corresponds to the standard ECU device on-board, and want to LIVE like an Individual at Ducati WORKS then you buy this product.

    Its really a shame that people put down a product before they do research on it…fucking RETARDED KIDS!

  7. vagpod says:

    Joe if you don’t like the article or the comments posted then I suggest you use a more appropriate manner to express your objection. Using the “F-word” and characterisations such as “retarded” shows that you’re no better in brains than those “kids” you refer to…

    And I don’t see your point really… what you’re basically saying is that they released this ultra expensive USB stick for say 100-200 people that work on their racing teams worldwide, which since they work for Ducati, they get for free anyways.
    And why anyone that owns a Ducati or is a bike racing fan has to pay such a ridiculous amount of money for a mediocre USB stick?

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