My first website :)

Today is officially the launch of the first website I ever made for commercial purposes. Still very basic in design, the site doesn’t do much except from presenting the digital printing shop I’m working for, but it is a huge step forward from what I’ve created so far, which was fairly basic.

The graphics were all done and sliced in Photoshop and while I’ve attempted to keep the Photoshop exported html, it proved really problematic, so I had to work it through Layout in Dreamweaver. Tough work for a noob like me, but it is all worth it right now, cause it is simply sweet to look at, and as I said, much more pro-looking than anything I’ve done before.

Still a lot of the links are non functional, and a lot of routine work needs to be done for it to be complete, still the page editing is not dynamic, and it will never be, cause I’m not into any php or sql or any programming complex thingy like that, much of the editing is done primitively by copy and paste and linking update (talking about headaches), but, it is nice to look at πŸ™‚

A lot of the layout and prep-work was done by Bianca, my Dreamweaver tutor, and I owe a lot to her, cause she dedicated a lot of her own spare time to help me with on building this one, for which I’m totally grateful to her πŸ™‚

So plans are when I finish this one, probably by the end of this week, I’ll begin on my own website!

The website is totally in the Greek languag, but if you want, check it out here, or view some more screenshots!


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