Autobianchis in Japan ???

In all honesty, what car you would least expect to be imported in Japan? What European car you would give a zero percent possibility to catch on a Japanese street?

You would never ever think that Autobianchi’s A112 got imported in Japan, would you? No, I guess not! Well think again, cause the photos in this Flickr gallery prove us all wrong!

These photos seem to be from some A112-owners meeting, somewhere in Japan and I highly doubt that the number plates have been Photoshoped! What I don’t know is how these guys maintain their little A112s, cause finding spare parts for their little Bianchis in Japan must be a hell of a task!

Visit the whole gallery here.

As matter of fact, I’ve been on a A112 a couple of times in the past! During the very late 70’s a family friend has lent a A112 to my mother for a couple of weeks. It was a red 75hp Abarth with a black engine hood! Fabulous little car, awesome sound, the two spoke steering wheel was a real fetish item, but one afternoon my mother and I were driving from Nea Makri (just outside of Athens) back to our house and the damned thing broke down in the middle of nowhere! Mind you there weren’t any cell phones back then to call for road assistance, so we had to walk a few kilometres to find the nearest phone 😀

And the last time been on a A112 was in 2003, but it was the standard model and wasn’t any fun at all, from what I remember, the car handled very sloppy.


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