K.I.T.T. comes back in a Ford Mustang body!

It’s probably no news to many of you but I’ve just found out about the remake, or should I say- brand new episodes of Knight Rider. I was very glad to see that the new version of K.I.T.T. will be a mighty Shelby Mustang GT500 KR! Wooeeeyyy!

There’s a lot of debate going around as to which model is the perfect candidate for the role of KITT, I even seen somewhere the Mercedes McLaren SLR being proposed, but I reckon that choosing the ‘stang, was a good choice. First of all the car should be an American icon, as the first KITT was. But TransAm is not in production anymore, the new Dodge Challenger is not yet in the streets, the new Camaro won’t see production until 2009, so that leaves us the Mustang and the Corvette and maybe the Ford GT, the latter falling in another category really. Now, the Vette wouldn’t be a bad choice either, as it has a closer look to the old TransAm and possesses the necessary “oomf” to deliver the goods πŸ™‚

Still, the beefed up Mustang ticks all my boxes, so no complaints there!

Styling wise, the GT500 KR KITT model will come in two flavours: the Hero model and the Attack model, the latter following the NFS (Need for Speed) trends and style having the cheesy extra bodymods and ridiculous spoilers and wings (thank god, no awful part manufacturer vinyls this time!!!), while the Hero model is a stock Shelby GT500KR with automatic transmission. Both appear in glossy black (of course) with twin grey stripes running from the hood to the back and both will include KITTS trademark: the red scanner light in front, which is located “naturally” on Shelby’s twin air vents in the front of the hood.

A pilot movie has been released by NBC I think, unfortunately I haven’t seen that. Judging from the modern American TV junk, I’m afraid that the series won’t hit my interest spot, but it will be nice to see a few burnouts and drifts of the new Mustang, a few drools, a few jawdrops and a few more curses to the Greek taxation system and governments for having us driving around in Korean junk. To own a Mustang in Greece is a lifetime dream for the very few of us that know and care about real cars 😦 For starters, the Mustang doesn’t get imported by the local Ford dealers, only as special order, and when you get to buy it, you pay three times the amount you would in the States!!!

So excuse me while I grouch and go and see some pics of the new KITT below.

Oh one last thing before I close this one: David Hasselhoff will make a cameo appearance in the series (oh no!!! they couldn’t avoid that, could they?) and also the original TransAm will appear. There are also rumors about a new KARR model, but that is not certain.

And perhaps, we can (or you American people) can expect Ford to follow the Bullitt example and produce a special series of a Knight Rider themed Mustang? πŸ˜‰

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