Obsessed with Car-Toons!

It appears that I’m heading full speed ahead to be obsessed with Car-Toons, or Chibi-Cars, or whatever you want to call them really! They are cute and real fun to look at!

For some years (…or decades?) I’ve been seeing these cute sketches cropping around and they always get my attention. In fact I could spend more time observing a good car-toon than a good normal car rendering! And I always wanted to do a car-toon sketch! Also recently I’ve watched “Cars”, the movie from Pixar and falled in love with it! It all happened really 3-4 weeks ago when I first saw Brian Knowlton’s (also known as R0tti on deviantart.com) fabulous line-art sketch of a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder! I was hooked! Brian had put so much character and personality in to the car that it could almost speak back to you! Not to mention that it was so sweet to look at!

I’ve decided to put some color in it and contacted Brian immediately to ask for permission. The result can be seen on the top left or here! Not only it’s my first ever car-toon it was a real joy to work with Brian’s fabulous sketch!

So the Vag-Artmachine got it’s gears running and I’ve been in contact with Brian since the Gallardo-toon project and as it turns out, we are having more collaborating car-toonies coming out in the future! Maybe I shouldn’t spoil it for you, but there’s a gorrrrrrgeous ’65 Mustang Fastback collaboration in the works right now!

Mind you, it might seem easy to make the tooned version of a car, but I can assure you it is not! There are two main factors that you have to take in consideration: First, your sketch must look like the model you’re after! For that you need to observe your subject model from many angles, learn it’s shape and follow the it’s design cues and details. Once you’ve got that comes the second factor, which in my opinion is harder than actually making a sketch of the real model: You have to attach character to the model! Think of the car as a living entity! (car nuts can easily do that! trust me I’m saying “good morning”, “good evening” and you’ve done well beating this …. (put a model here)” to my real car every time!). What would the car model say if it had a mouth, brain and soul? What it’s expression would be if it had eyes? Once you’ve got these two factors right you’ll have a brilliant sketch to work with! Also watching “Cars” from Pixar, can really get you into the mood for that sort of thinking 🙂

Brian Knowlton lives in Alaska and has created many excellent illustrations either as a freelancer artist, or on his own spare time! He’s also a great guy to talk with and has many good stories to tell! 🙂 It’s been a real pleasure to work with him so far! I really hope that we’ll make a good car-tooning team! Please visit his deviantart gallery here to see more of his excellent art works!

Thank you Brian for really putting me into this joyful mania!


2 Responses to Obsessed with Car-Toons!

  1. ko says:

    you´re a greatests guy, i dont know so much how to write english ,but i thik that you´ll understand

  2. Chris says:

    I’ve been trying to find motorcycle versions of this style, but they are hard to come by…great rendering btw.


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