Gibson rocks!

I love it when companies give open handedly hi-res images of their products! There’s nothing better than to have a good big image of the product you’re after, freely available to you, no questions asked!

I was doing a t-shirt design for myself and a good friend of mine. The concept of the illustration is having two Gibson guitars with their necks crossed , a huge fire behind them and the Gibson USA logo on the top. Easy stuff! My version will have a Flying-V and and an Explorer (the first being my absolute favorite metal axe ever! – pictured on the left) and my friend’s design (being an old rocker and into more classic stuff) will show a Les Paul and an SG.

So the big search begun by trying to find the proper images in order to be traced into line-art and later be painted. There were a few sources available, mostly low-res stuff, a very few good shots on but I couldn’t find those perfect shots!!

All of a sudden I googled “Gibson guitars high resolution images” among the links returned was Gibson’s Press materials site! Upon checking the website not only I found whatever model I was looking for, I even found company logos in .eps (vector) format. The selection is really huge and they offer images for (almost) every kind of guitar they ever produced, even the custom models, in .jpg, .tiff anf .psd (photoshop) formats!

That’s what I call good marketing and advertisement of their products!

Certainly Gibson all the way!

So if you ever need to find really good images of a Gibson guitar, the best place on the web is right here!


4 Responses to Gibson rocks!

  1. liverbones says:

    Wow, this is cool stuff to know about! I’ve never really done any graphic design with guitars, but just the fact that Gibson did that is pretty awesome. I’m an amateur musician myself, so I can definitely see the value in it.

    Props to Gibson. I may not buy their guitars, but I can respect a move such as this.

  2. vagpod says:

    yeah it certainly made my day, plus I the fact that I really like such open handed moves. It’s for the benefit of their sales and the ppl at Gibson know it very well, as they have dedicated customers; ppl who only play Les Pauls or Flying-v’s.

    Unlike other companies who are afraid to show off their stuff and they only feature near thumbnail sized photos on their webs.

    Just a word of caution here, these photos are NOT royalty free for commercial use. You need to obtain some license from Gibson first.

  3. liverbones says:

    Well, that’s certainly good to know as well. Not that I was planning to use them, but if I was there could be a problem there.

    By the way, every major company should make such “open moves.” It promotes all kinds of positive creativity and, more to their advantage, opens up a whole new level of people (mainly designers) to become fans. Win win, I say.

  4. vagpod says:

    I agree with you, not only for the ease of creativity regarding the promotional material, but mainly because it’s good for their business in many ways; as a customer I always want to have a good look at what I’m buying, especially if I’m going to spend a couple of grands for it!

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