Say NO to all!…

19 April, 2008

If you’ve ever copied a folder’s worth of files in Windows, you’ve come across the Confirm File Replace dialog, which asks you if you want to replace an existing file with a new file. You have the option to answer Yes just for this file, Yes to All—which will just replace all the originals with the new copies—or you can say No; what’s missing is a button to say No to All. Rather than clicking No countless times if No to All is what you really want, tech weblog Online Tech Tips points out that Windows simulates the No to All response if you hold the Shift key and then click No. Vista changed this dialog entirely, but if you’re still living la vida XP, it’s a good shortcut to know…


I’ve been… framed!!!

10 April, 2008

Sweet! I’ve learned new things on tonite’s web design class: Frames!

Ok I’m lying here, I knew already about frames but, yeah I was missing a couple of tiny details, like when clicking on a menu button, on which frame the new page will load…

I definitely gotta try and do some “frames-pages” examples this weekend.

I also got to fix my home LAN sometime! 🙂

Gibson rocks!

8 April, 2008

I love it when companies give open handedly hi-res images of their products! There’s nothing better than to have a good big image of the product you’re after, freely available to you, no questions asked!

I was doing a t-shirt design for myself and a good friend of mine. The concept of the illustration is having two Gibson guitars with their necks crossed , a huge fire behind them and the Gibson USA logo on the top. Easy stuff! My version will have a Flying-V and and an Explorer (the first being my absolute favorite metal axe ever! – pictured on the left) and my friend’s design (being an old rocker and into more classic stuff) will show a Les Paul and an SG.

So the big search begun by trying to find the proper images in order to be traced into line-art and later be painted. There were a few sources available, mostly low-res stuff, a very few good shots on but I couldn’t find those perfect shots!!

All of a sudden I googled “Gibson guitars high resolution images” among the links returned was Gibson’s Press materials site! Upon checking the website not only I found whatever model I was looking for, I even found company logos in .eps (vector) format. The selection is really huge and they offer images for (almost) every kind of guitar they ever produced, even the custom models, in .jpg, .tiff anf .psd (photoshop) formats!

That’s what I call good marketing and advertisement of their products!

Certainly Gibson all the way!

So if you ever need to find really good images of a Gibson guitar, the best place on the web is right here!

Ressurection by stupidity!

1 April, 2008

Silly me!

Although being involved with the “things with loads of keys on” (aka computers) since 1984, sometimes I’m still driven by pure stupidity! Here’s what happened yesterday; read, laugh and learn!

I woke up Sunday morning, so naturally (of course) the first thing is to go make myself a nice cup of coffee and turn on my pc. So I did! But… the damn thing wouldn’t boot! Hell! It wouldn’t even show the bios-set image of the motherboard!!!.. Read the rest of this entry »