Beadle’s About no more :(

beadle.jpg man! I just found out that Jeremy Beadle has died last January, on the 30th, at the age of 59, suffering from pneumonia.

This is sad news indeed, as I really enjoyed his practical jokes tv shows while I was living in the U.K. during 1990-96 for my uni studies.

Beadle’s About!” was a top preference on my tv watch-list back then. And I really sympathized Jeremy, although he seemed like a total ass, who laughed his eyes out by scaring people (remember the 1992 Halloween show with the vampires??? – classic and utterly hilarious). Not to mention that he seemed a very clever person and a great laugh! Anyways, the earlier seasons of Beadle’s About were really great, the later ones had too many viewer videos which the vast majority of were boring and crap clips showing people falling and animals doing silly things, but the early seasons were all Jeremy set ups and pure fun to watch!

Jeremy Beadle on IMDB

Obituary of Jeremy Beadle on The Guardian
Some of Beadle’s About classic moments (courtesy of various YouTube uploaders)

Thank you for the great laughs Jeremy! You will be missed.

R.I.P. dude!


2 Responses to Beadle’s About no more :(

  1. DrGaz says:

    Bldy hell, they kept that one quiet! News to me.

    Jezza Beadle RIP.

  2. vagpod says:

    Really?! That’s quite surprising Gaz, cause he was a major celebrity in the U.K.

    And yeah I was shocked as well! I’ve found out about it from another blog and I was like “what the fuck?!..” I mean he was young, with plenty of miles still to go…

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