Think out of the box

Now that’s a phrase that one of my x-employers used to say occasionally: “Think out of the box!” – another one was “You’re fired!!!” 😀

I was reading an interview with Brian Pulido (he’s the president of Chaos! Comics – see: Lady Death) and I particularly noted his answer on a single question.

I quote:

Q: Most aspiring comic book artists only think about drawing, but in this new, entrepreneurial, high-tech world, what else should they consider?

Brian PULIDO: We should all be thinking out of the box. That’s where the path of most success lies. What else to consider? Business training. Financial training. Marketing training. Sales training. You can’t get there without a little marketing. Make that a lot of marketing.”

It couldn’t be said in any better way really. If you want to make it, anywhere, whatever your field of expertise is, start smart-bullshitting about how good you are, in whatever you are doing. People love meals that are served with cosy cutlery and lots of a ‘witty’ sauce with juicy garnishes! And the are always prepared to pay higher prices for them.

(quotation came from Christopher Hart’s “Drawing Cutting Edge Comics” -excellent!- book by Watson Guptill Publications, New York, 2001)


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