Diving in the depths of web design

One of the many things that I want to do in my life is to be able to design those nice websites that we all see from time to time and say: Wow! That’s an awesome web!

And I know that I’m only half-way there since I got the artistry going right, what I lack of, is knowledge of the mechanisms that make these things work. I can design nice website templates on Photoshop, slice them up, make buttons etc, but when coming to putting them all together to make the nice web it is supposed to be, KA-BOOM… the end complete.

Not to mention the use of inline frames, an effect where you have a static frame and inside it you have contents that you can scroll down to with a side slider. Fabulous stuff! But how?

So a week ago I visited my local computer institute and enrolled for night seminar-classes on web design! Which is great! Classes begin at 18:30 (just in time when I finish from work) and finish at 20:30, two days per week, a package of 30 hours in all with some more hours optional if you need extra tuition.

In these 30 hours, I’ll learn the basics of HTML, and to work with Adobe’s Dreamweaver (or get introduced to it more-like, since Dreamweaver is a beast to master).

The first class was today, really easy HTML stuff: I’ve learned about the HTML structure and the tags (the commands within the <>’s).

After that seminar I intend on taking another one on the use of Flash in webdesign and applications. Flash is a software that I really want to get into as it is possible to do wonderful things with it.

So here are a few things that I’ve learned tonite (totally coded in HTML):

Hello! Here I’m writing with in bold red color

Changing paragraph here and next is a break line

    Unordered list:

  • This
  • Is
  • A Bulleted
  • List

and here’s a numbered (ordered) list:

  1. number one
  2. number two
  3. are you still reading this?
  4. you’re nuts!

See you in the next lesson!


3 Responses to Diving in the depths of web design

  1. liverbones says:

    Hello, there. Name’s Kevin, and I’m a web designer myself.

    I’m not sure if you really need any help or not, but I know quite a lot about HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a little of PHP4. I’ve just gotten started up here on WordPress, but I’m going to try to network a little bit and meet some people who have similar interests to mine.

    I’d like to think that I’m a decent graphic designer, but the truth is that I’m not. Perhaps we can teach each other a few things, if you’re up to it. You should be able to contact me at liverbones (at) gmail (dot) com, if interested. I can almost guarantee that I can show you some things HTML-wise that your classes won’t.

    Anyway, e-mail me if you’re interested. Thanks, and I plan to keep up with your blog.

  2. vagpod says:

    Hi Kevin and thank you for your interest! Yeah surely I’m interested in exchanging knowledge. I’ll let you know if I need anything and should you need any 2D/3D graphics advice, you can drop me a line on nailgungfx at yahoo dot gr.

    I hope you’ll like surfing in Vagpod!

  3. Stronghold says:

    Very useful information 🙂 I see there are realy good tips. I am going to use some of them

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