A pack of Luckies

25_mar_2008_momspresent.jpgToday was my name-day. Usually when you have your name day, which by the way is a religious thing; a specific saint is celebrated that day and all the people with names same as the celebrated saint’s, have their name-day (at least that’s how it works in orthodox christianity), so people that celebrate get presents from friends and relatives sometimes, along with the usual wishful blah blah.

All I got today was a pack of Luckies from my mom! lol! The tag under the logo says in Greek “Smoking is harmful for you and the people around you!” but it probably would seem the same to you, even if it was the recipe for cooking mousaka! It’s all Greek in the end 🙂

Anyways I’m not used in my mother buying me cigarettes, since I’m a big kid now lol!, but occasionally she does! And it seems very funny to me when I wake up in the morning to find a pack of Luckies waiting for me on our kitchen table – she always buys me Luckies for some reason, albeit the fact that I don’t smoke’em anymore (ha! just when you thought that this is a Lucky Strike sponsored post! lol!)- and apart from fun, for me, that gesture always carries a special message/feeling/wish for good luck. So I’m usually keeping that Luckies pack for a long time without opening it.

I dunno how cigarettes can relate to good luck wishes; coming to think of it, it’s insane as a thought alone, but it must be the name of that particular brand, or just the desperate need to hold on to something and hope for the best. Maybe this is the same reason why Lucky Strike became so popular during the ‘Nam war and other pre-Nam wars. Soldiers had a thing for Luckies. They hoped not to get killed just because some lunatic faggot politician sent them there in the first place…

Thanks mom!

EDiT 26.03.2008Well it turns out that Luckies had their effect today!… Monday was a total screw up at work, my boss yelled at me for any reason you can think of and… well, it was a total fuck-all day. Yesterday we had the day off due to national celebration and I was still worried about work mainly, but today was something totally different, not only we worked like a dream, we got even more orders and on the web-design classes that I’m just beginning to attend, I’ve met a gorgeous lady as my tutor! :)and by the way, I’ve edited this last “EdiT” paragraph in pure HTML mode!


2 Responses to A pack of Luckies

  1. vagpod says:

    I guess Demsy likes Luckies 🙂

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