My little 106’s birthday

Well today is officially the birthday of my little Peugeot 106 Rallye (pictured above)! Bought brand new in February of 2003, my little pug hits the age of 4 years old! When I say birthday I mean the day I got it in my hands from the dealer, not the day of manufacturing.

You might be unfamiliar with the name “Rallye” as a model edition for the Peugeot 106. Indeed Peugeot hasn’t exported this edition to many countries, it was aimed mainly for the European market as a “very cheap – very fast hatch” for young people and as a cheap racing car. Basically the Rallye model is the same as an 106 GTi, with less exterior and interior trims and equipment. On the exterior you have the sport spoilers and sideskirts, 5 basic color options (Onyx black, blue, yellow, white and red) plus the basic 106 iron rims with silver plastic hubs on. On the interior you have only one choice of seat fabric. Electric windows and basic air-conditioning come as extras on the basic retail price, not to mention a stereo. And that’s it basically! No wonder why back in 2003 I bought this baby brand new for 11,000 euros, and believe me for that money a lot of cars more expensive than the ‘Spartan’ 106 have seen my backside πŸ™‚ Being less equipped means also that is it’s lighter than the standard 106 GTi. Having exactly the same 122bhp 1.6 16V engine it also means that it’s quicker than the GTi. I won’t go into any detail in here as I’m planning a full article on the 106 “Rallye” series in the near future.

Being one of the last (the mkIII in fact) of the 106 Rallyes (Peugeot ceased the production of the model in May/June of 2003) the car was always a beautiful drive, always giving me a smile and quite a few unexpected and somewhat bad surprises. Most importantly the car has a soul in my eyes; I always say good morning to it and pat it friendly after a good drive!

A few mods that I have installed include an air filter scoop, a stainless steel handmade Group N exhaust (front to back) and a tuned up chip bringing up the car to roughly 130bhp, which at (approx.) 780kg is more than enough for the Greek inner city streets and for a pleasant country ‘stroll’. On the inside You can find two OMP bucket seats with 4 point belts, an OMP rally steering wheel and an Alpine mp3 player for when I’m stuck in traffic πŸ™‚ The package is complete with the (expensive but mighty awesome and highly durable in all respects!) set of white 15″ 7 double-spoke Speedline rims.

My plans for it are that probably somewhere at the end of 2008 I will retire it from it’s civilian service and turn it into a proper racing car if all goes well πŸ™‚

Happy birthday pal!

I almost felt like Michael Knight talking to KITT πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


8 Responses to My little 106’s birthday

  1. DrGaz says:


  2. vagpod says:

    Many thanks from the Vagmobile and myself!

  3. DrGaz says:

    Hang on, didn’t you have a 306 convertible at one point? You should post some pics as that looked pretty cool.

  4. vagpod says:

    Nope, it was a 206 cc (coupe cabriolet), bought it in March of 2002 and got totalled in August. It looked good but it wasn’t so fun. Dunno I kinda didn’t like that car at all. It attracted the ladies though hehe πŸ˜€ I might post some pix in the future.

  5. DrGaz says:

    I didn’t realise you wrapped it up. I’m sorry to hear that.

  6. vagpod says:

    It wasn’t my fault, some smartass rally-wannabe-driver had lost his car from the opposite lane and he stopped right on the 206’s front!!!… it was a nightmare

  7. Tom says:

    Hi, are those steel wheels 15 or 13 inch, ive got a basic 106 and my insurance wnt let me have alloys so i thought thats probably the next best thing!

  8. vagpod says:

    hi Tom, these are 15″ Speedlines . I wanted the 17″ ones but the dealer didn’t have them in stock 😦 Yeah insurance can bug us for a lot of things, luckily here in Greece where I live, they don’t give a damn about alloys (yet). I guess you’ll have to put them on if you really like them, but the insurance won’t cover them, I guess.

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