The Ugliest Gallardo ever!!!…

I dunno what’s wrong with some people, but If I had the money to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo I would rather race it till it fell apart in pieces, rather than do this awful paintjob on it!…

I mean, take a look for your self. It’s like one of those paintings that my buddy Dr. Gaz is doing (two very good examples are here and here), they look gorgeous on paper or canvas, really interesting patterns, but when put on a car…. C’mon!!!! This is horrible!!!

And If I had won the car with a paintwork that looked like those Victorian porcelain tea sets that my mom has an obscure obsession with I would spend some thousands to rent a huge Caterpillar to crush the ugly sucker once and for all out of the face of earth. On the other side, I might have looked for a car collector with a really bad taste, and I mean the worst case of bad taste (trust me, there are plenty like that) and would sell it to him double it’s price by blabbering some obscure art rubbish that I would have searched on any art critic website some minutes before.

I mean, this really sucks!!! Look at it, it’s totally pathetic!!! What a waste for such a beautiful car! You don’t really need to show off having a car like the Gallardo, it’s sleek style shows off for itself (not to mention the implication that your bank account is hefty of course!), you don’t need to kill the car like that like an old bug!… It’s a serious public offence for God’s sake!!!

I bet it has golden handles, gear knob and trims on the inside!!

I really hope that whoever designed the Gallardo not to see this one, cause he (or she?) must feel really awful, I would!!!




3 Responses to The Ugliest Gallardo ever!!!…

  1. DrGaz says:

    I would estimate it to be Ming Dynasty.

    This car is mental, mate.


  2. mrnine says:

    yeah, it sucks man. Correction “Gallardo”, not “Galliardo”

  3. vagpod says:

    thanks dude 🙂

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