Death Track – Ressurection

Does anyone remember DeathTrack
, an ancient (1989) DOS game by Dynamix Inc.? Well, I do! In fact I loved DeathTrack! It was really brutal (back then) and fun to play with. The story couldn’t be more simpler: buy a sports car, beef it up with armor and cannons, guns, missiles and other firepower goodies, enter the races and eliminate your opponents and while you’re at it try to complete some laps just as an excuse to say that you’ve raced! Amazing game! I still remember those all-nighters in front of my Amstrad 1512pc playing it with 4 glorious colours! It was either that or Rogue (Epyx, 1983) that pulled off the night. Deathtrack did not have an ending, and the vehicle selection was really limited, but it brought the racing/fighting concept to light and it played extremely well! And as far as I’m concerned it is one of my most favourite games of all time!

Luck has it that I’ve surfed in 1C’s website tonight. 1C company is a well known Russian game publisher with some very good releases under their belts. So as I was looking on some info about UAZ 4X4 Racing, my eyes stopped when I saw this title in the forthcoming section: Death Track Ressurection! For straters I couldn’t believe that it was a revamping of the old Deathtrack! But it is! The game is set for release later in 2008 and from the first screenshots of it it looks very good, but not as good as I was expecting it to be, as it reminds me a lot of RollCage and it’s various clones. Still it is very early and it would be unfair to jump into any conclusions about it. The tracks look very futuristic yet with that neo-oriental appearance and the vehicles look your ordinary, or extra-ordinary tuned/pimped rides only with some lethal pea shooters on their roofs. Still, this is one I’m really looking forward to get my hands on!

Here are some links where you can learn more about this forthcoming release:

And some more screenshots:

And remember, you saw it on VagPoD first! 🙂


3 Responses to Death Track – Ressurection

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  2. Deathtrack lover says:

    I too spent many long nights playing deathtrack on my IBM PS2 . I always had a problem with it playing in black and white. After many restarts I would get color. No idea why.

    I was just sitting here surfing the web and that game popped in my head. I can’t believe it has such a following.

    I hope the new version doesn’t “jump the shark” and get too corny. I would much rather play the original, but I threw away many of those games and 5/14 floppies a long time ago.

    I always loved the comments you would get from the other (computer) drivers when you smoked them.

  3. vagpod says:

    Deathtrack was truly one of the best racing/shooting games for the pc ever! It delivered pure quality gaming. Back then we wouldn’t mind if we raced again again with the same car one the same looking track for months! That was what made those games successful!

    I feel that Deathtrack resurrection is not going to be such a blast as it’s predecessor. Judging for the screenshots only, Roll Cage and a few similar titles come to mind. Let’s hope for the best!

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