Discovering new people is like discovering new planets…

I was reading an email from a new friend of mine and it has just occurred to me, that when you discover new people it feels like you have discovered a whole new planet!

Think about it for a second, you’re about to get to know a new person that has his/her own life, learn to read his/her expression, understand how they talk or behave, listen to their experiences, likes and dislikes and so many more. What excites them, what turns them off, their favorite pass times, their work experience etc.

It’s like discovering a new planet. You send a probe on the planets trajectory to sense if the planet is “hospitable” or not and then you take your chances and enter the atmosphere. From then on, a long discovery journey begins and many times you’ll find some unexpectable surprises, or things that you might thought that would have been progressed or occurred in other ways than what they really are. You’ll have to learn to survive with the planet’s elements, or just push the rocket button and go back to space. The choice is yours really, and the journey might be rewarding (or not) but you certainly must devote some serious time to it.

A bit of a philosophical post this one (if one could ever call it so), but it just crossed my mind and it’s one of the most decent thoughts that I’ve made in the last few days, not to mention weeks, so I posted it… Don’t shoot at the pianist 🙂


One Response to Discovering new people is like discovering new planets…

  1. iamcleo says:

    yeah it’s nice one and it’s true.

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