Death Track – Ressurection

31 January, 2008

Does anyone remember DeathTrack
, an ancient (1989) DOS game by Dynamix Inc.? Well, I do! In fact I loved DeathTrack! It was really brutal (back then) and fun to play with. The story couldn’t be more simpler: buy a sports car, beef it up with armor and cannons, guns, missiles and other firepower goodies, enter the races and eliminate your opponents and while you’re at it try to complete some laps just as an excuse to say that you’ve raced! Amazing game! I still remember those all-nighters in front of my Amstrad 1512pc playing it with 4 glorious colours! It was either that or Rogue (Epyx, 1983) that pulled off the night. Deathtrack did not have an ending, and the vehicle selection was really limited, but it brought the racing/fighting concept to light and it played extremely well! And as far as I’m concerned it is one of my most favourite games of all time!

Luck has it that I’ve surfed in 1C’s website tonight. 1C company is a well known Russian game publisher with some very good releases under their belts. So as I was looking on some info about UAZ 4X4 Racing, my eyes stopped when I saw this title in the forthcoming section: Death Track Ressurection! Read the rest of this entry »


I hate Mondays!!!

28 January, 2008

Arrrggghhh! It’s one of those Sunday late nights / Monday early mornings again! Probaby the worst moments of the whole week… These moments are filled with haunted thoughts that tomorrow begins another difficult working week, so fuckin’ sad…

Anyways I wanted to do this illustration for some time now, in fact since I’ve begun on my new job, from the beginning of the year, cause that is how I feel every Monday morning, or every morning of the week more like. I never can go to bed early on Sunday nights. The earliest I’ve hit the bed on a Sunday night was 3:00 o clock in the morning, the usual is about 4:00 or 5:00 which leaves me roughly about 2-3 hours of sleep. Monday is like hell for me. And I won’t crank up my mind till I have my first glass of cold frappe coffee in the morning. Read the rest of this entry »

Aquadelic GT: Wet Dreams

19 January, 2008

Speedboats is an ‘on and off’ interest of mine; I do not think about them all the time like I do about cars:) but whenever I see a photo or a video of a speedboat I get really excited by those long blade-like shaped boats and the humongous splashes of water behind them. It’s pure speed combined with technicality, all being wrapped up in fabulous glossy excitement!

The colors, the aggressive boat shapes, the monstrous engines roar, the taming of the unpredictable water surface, the speed, it’s all pure stimulation for the mind and soul.

Although Aquadelic GT is a brand new release (Jan. 2008), my relation with it dates back one and a half year, when Aquadelic GT was known simply as Aquadelic and was available as a free demo of a “maybe” forthcoming release! The moment I saw the first screenshots of Aquadelic, I knew I really wanted this one, even if it was crap in terms of gameplay. The graphics of the game seemed to be way too good!

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Discovering new people is like discovering new planets…

16 January, 2008

I was reading an email from a new friend of mine and it has just occurred to me, that when you discover new people it feels like you have discovered a whole new planet!

Think about it for a second, you’re about to get to know a new person that has his/her own life, learn to read his/her expression, understand how they talk or behave, listen to their experiences, likes and dislikes and so many more. What excites them, what turns them off, their favorite pass times, their work experience etc.

It’s like discovering a new planet. You send a probe on the planets trajectory to sense if the planet is “hospitable” or not and then you take your chances and enter the atmosphere. From then on, a long discovery journey begins and many times you’ll find some unexpectable surprises, or things that you might thought that would have been progressed or occurred in other ways than what they really are. You’ll have to learn to survive with the planet’s elements, or just push the rocket button and go back to space. The choice is yours really, and the journey might be rewarding (or not) but you certainly must devote some serious time to it.

A bit of a philosophical post this one (if one could ever call it so), but it just crossed my mind and it’s one of the most decent thoughts that I’ve made in the last few days, not to mention weeks, so I posted it… Don’t shoot at the pianist ๐Ÿ™‚

Amiga MODS: back to the old school beat

8 January, 2008

I’ve always loved the ability of the AMIGA to produce great music with minimal (back then) effort. Does the names OCTAMED or PROTRACKER sound familiar to you?

OCTAMED and PROTRACKER were editors/ track sequencers (4 tracks with 15 instruments / samples in total) with which you could layout your song into tracks that could be arranged in any sequence you desired from a master list. So basically what you did is to edit every track according to your talents and then arrange these tracks on the master list to play one after the other in any order you set it up. Each track would contain samples that would be played on the timing you set it up. It was gorgeous and I’ve spent many allnighters writing music with it. The best part of it was that it didn’t even require any additional hardware such as a piano keyboard to prove your musical talents ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved OCTAMED purely for it’s interface style but many people preferred PROTRACKER instead.

It was very popular back then and even the very first rave bands begun their career on MOD writing. (.mod was the extension of the sequencer file – the mod contained the tracks, the master list and the samples you’ve used for your track – which also determined the .mod file size) In fact some of the very first rave demos were actually recorded .mod files on tape! Not to mention the game industry which used the format almost exclusively

Anyways just to remember the good old days, I’ve found this page which has some Amiga, Atari ST and ZX Spectrum (!!!!) written mods for free download (on mp3 format). I might add more pages whenever I find some ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy a bit of nostalgia ๐Ÿ™‚

More mod stuff >>>

… more to come …

No more tears for those scratched disks!

4 January, 2008

Having a scratched cd or dvd that refuses to play? Stop cursing and start reading.

This is something I found elsewhere and I’m posting it as it is. I haven’t tried any of the tricks described, so use at your own risk. And remember: As soon as the disk gets read: COPY & PASTE before it’s too late again!

Most of you might have experienced problems with scratched CDs and DVDs. Itโ€™s due to scratches your DVD and CD player is unable to read the data in the disc giving rise to reading errors. In the case of audio CDs, the CD skips when we play it. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy new year!

1 January, 2008

Best wishes for a creative, prosperous and healthy 2008!