The definition of “Photoshopped”

19 December, 2007

I’m sure that you have heard the term “Photoshopped” before?
It’s a word that relates mostly to photos. So what exactly does the word “Photoshopped” means?

My own interpretation for it, is that it describes photos where there has been further manipulation or altering of the subject in Photoshop. Usually this means that in Portraits of people, Photoshop is used to remove acne and skin defections, removal of facial hair and even some weight loss process, or just the old plain features exaggeration (using the good “Liquify” filter) πŸ™‚

On photos showing cars, Photoshopped really means when people change the body color and/or add extra features to the car such as rims, spoilers etc. Of course the latter needs extra skills πŸ™‚

Here’s a rather funny approach to the definition of the term “Photoshoppped”:

1. A technique of changing around a picture with colors, brushes, layers, etc.

2. When kids (emo or just from myspace) think that coloring a picture in paint is photoshop. They may leave a picture comment saying “Are your eyes photoshopped?!” because they are jealous that your eyes are really that pretty. But what they don’t realize is that not every person owns and paid for Adobe Photoshop and couldn’t possibly do that.

Possible examples of the term’s usage:

1. I just photoshopped my drawing, and I am about to upload it to DeviantART.

2. OMG did you see that she had no pimples!? She totally photoshopped that!!!

Source: Urban Dictionary


Coin-ops of the 80’s – Top 20

12 December, 2007

Here’s a list of my favorite coin-op arcades of the late 70’s to the early 90’s when I actually stopped visiting arcades! The year number in the brackets is the official release date of the machine, not the year I’ve seen/played it). The list is loosely based on memory and I’ll put some pictures when I find them and maybe add a few more games if I remember them:

1. Can’t remember the title -will find it- it was a car game (70’s)
2. Space Invaders (1979)(of course!)


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Moon Patrol – The New Path

12 December, 2007


If there’s one game I really loved in the coin-op arcades (and spent fortunes on it) that was Moon Patrol.

The scenario was about a little space-buggy which was running on the surface of a hostile planet and the player had to shoot all alien vehicles and avoid all physical obstacles such as craters, rocks, boulders etc. The buggy could make jumps and had two guns, one shooting front and one shooting upwards. I really don’t know why but the whole concept appealed to me more than anything else that era (1986-88 perhaps). And I also remember that I was playing this a lot during my summer vacations in the island of Naxos (along with Pole Position).

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’73 Firebird TransAm

11 December, 2007

This is my latest piece of artwork, the 1973 Pontiac Firebird TransAm!

It was done completely in Photoshop in about 26 hours, the original size of one of those Firebirds is 0,8m in width! (@300dpi). As you can imagine my pc stumbled a bit on the painting process, but I really want to do a poster printout of this one!

Also below is a piece I’ve made for Vicky, a friend of mine, in which I’ve used the yellow version of the Firebird.

Hellgate London

11 December, 2007

Hellgate London is what I’m spending most of my time nowadays.

On it’s core, Hellgate London is more an RPG with some shooter elements. Therefore you have all the RPG goodness and context, dressed as a mediocre 1st or 3rd person (your choice) shooter.

Following the tradition of good RPGs you have the option to choose from a variety of characters and create your own character based on their skills. A few base character options are available such as: Marksman, Guardian, Swordsman, Summoner (mage) etc. Each character has unique dress code and weapon skills. For example should you want to take the clean shooter approach (as I did) you should choose the Marksman, or woman, since you have options to further customise your character as to their gender, skin colour, hair style, hair colour, body size etc. These customisations won’t affect the gameplay so much as they aim more to your visual liking rather than the game’s mechanics. I should guess that female characters have less strength than their male versions in favour of their agility.

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Fresh One

11 December, 2007

A second coming of my varied subject blog, this time using WordPress, which admittedly seems to use a hell of a lot better blog layouts than the good ol’ Blogger.

After about 6 moths of it’s existence, I’ve decided to kill my previous blog venture “the 6’o clock bandit” previously known as “the Blowtorch”.

“Vagpod” is a new fresher approach and I do hope, one that will last a lot longer than the short-lived “6 o’clock bandit”.

Subjects covered here are my main interests, such as video games, design – illustration and computer graphics, cars, aviation, photography, movies, nostalgia and extreme music.

Welcome aboard!