Photoshop: Brushes, Paths & Shapes

Here are a couple of excellent and extensive tutorials on 2 really hot subjects of the ol’ Photoshop:

Brushes Dynamics
Photoshop has an array of adjustable attributes to each and every brush. The tutorial above describes those attributes of the brushes and what happens when you change those dials πŸ™‚

Shapes, Paths and the Pen tool
To be honest with you, I’ve been working with Shapes and Paths for only one year now. Before that I was doing my masking using either the polygonal lasso tool, or the magic wand and on very rare occasions the freehand lasso tool, thinking that paths is just a trendy tool that only real pros use! Was I silly or what?

One afternoon last year, the company I was working for at the time, sent me to a photographic studio in order to take pictures of the products they produce in order to put them on their retail catalogue. So the photographer took pictures of every item on a plain white background and then imported the pictures to Photoshop in order to improve the lighting and coloring. This is where I saw paths being used for the first time! Not to mention that the guy was ultra quick in using them, he masked perfectly a whole item in just one minute!

The same evening back at home, I fired up photoshop and begun experimenting with paths. The only possibility I was considering for paths at the time was only for masking purposes. But becoming more interested in them and their use, revealed also their “Fill” and “Stroke” attributes and many more other options, which in whole revealed a brand new band of techniques for artwork.

Needless to say that I now regard the knowledge and practice of paths and shapes ESSENTIAL πŸ™‚


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