The definition of “Photoshopped”

I’m sure that you have heard the term “Photoshopped” before?
It’s a word that relates mostly to photos. So what exactly does the word “Photoshopped” means?

My own interpretation for it, is that it describes photos where there has been further manipulation or altering of the subject in Photoshop. Usually this means that in Portraits of people, Photoshop is used to remove acne and skin defections, removal of facial hair and even some weight loss process, or just the old plain features exaggeration (using the good “Liquify” filter) 🙂

On photos showing cars, Photoshopped really means when people change the body color and/or add extra features to the car such as rims, spoilers etc. Of course the latter needs extra skills 🙂

Here’s a rather funny approach to the definition of the term “Photoshoppped”:

1. A technique of changing around a picture with colors, brushes, layers, etc.

2. When kids (emo or just from myspace) think that coloring a picture in paint is photoshop. They may leave a picture comment saying “Are your eyes photoshopped?!” because they are jealous that your eyes are really that pretty. But what they don’t realize is that not every person owns and paid for Adobe Photoshop and couldn’t possibly do that.

Possible examples of the term’s usage:

1. I just photoshopped my drawing, and I am about to upload it to DeviantART.

2. OMG did you see that she had no pimples!? She totally photoshopped that!!!

Source: Urban Dictionary


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