Moon Patrol – The New Path


If there’s one game I really loved in the coin-op arcades (and spent fortunes on it) that was Moon Patrol.

The scenario was about a little space-buggy which was running on the surface of a hostile planet and the player had to shoot all alien vehicles and avoid all physical obstacles such as craters, rocks, boulders etc. The buggy could make jumps and had two guns, one shooting front and one shooting upwards. I really don’t know why but the whole concept appealed to me more than anything else that era (1986-88 perhaps). And I also remember that I was playing this a lot during my summer vacations in the island of Naxos (along with Pole Position).

So the years passed and I never had again the chance to play Moon Patrol again, as it was never ported to a modern machine. One day last September, out of curiosity I visited the Retro Remakes forum and found that Moon Patrol was re-done by a guy called Shinobi (like the old arcade, hehe! Shinobi done Moon Patrol). So I instantly visited Shinobi’s Site to find more about the game!

I’ve found the most recent version of Moo Patrol, this time called “Moon Patrol – New Path 1.0” downloaded and installed it. It is an excellent rework! By all means Shinobi has done a cracking work as his version plays and feels exactly as the original! There’s also another remake on Moon Patrol by another guy but it is nothing compared to Shinobi’s version.

You can visit Shinobi’s-Place here and download Moon Patrol – New Path (16MB) from the downloads section.

Bravo Shinobi!


5 Responses to Moon Patrol – The New Path

  1. Funduzz says:

    This Remake Rocks πŸ™‚ i love it and i have to thank you for the great Link and Review of the Game . I am like you an old fan of the Original Arcade Moon Patrol and i was just looking for some Photoshop Tutorials . And then i found this great link to Shinobis-Place with one another Great Remake called Encounter the second. I love both and both are great Remakes …… Thumbs up for Shinobi πŸ˜€

  2. vagpod says:

    make yourself at home then and check back often for more of our mutual favorite stuff πŸ™‚

  3. Isaias says:

    Porque en mi cpu no se puede descargar y/o ejecutar el juego moon patrol???
    Tal vez necesito una especie de emulador o algi asi?

  4. vagpod says:

    Isaias I would understand your comment if it was in English… not all people know how to speak the Spanish language I’m afraid

  5. graham says:


    I think isaias is basically sayin he cant get the game to work, something about not being able to download/play and does he need an emulator?
    Hope he has unzipped the file before playing tho. BTW: Brilliant remake cheers shinobi

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